RETINA400 Fundus Camera

Simple and flexible solution for high definition retinal imagery

  • Non-mydriatic retinal camera
  • High resolution sensor and wide field of vision
  • Intuitive software including automated operations
  • Independent screen to facilitate the sharing of results
  • Flexible and adaptable to different practice configurations

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Retina 400
RETINA400E Fundus Camera

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Screening & Diagnostics Retina 400

Wide and high-definition screen to deliver convincing and professional messages


  • The Retina 400 adapts to even the smallest pupils to a diameter of 2.2mm. It needs no dilation in most cases.
  • Its LED flash produces a diffused light that reduces eye strain.


  • With a wide field of vision of 60°x45° and 5 Megapixels sensor, the Retina 400 provides high resolution retinal images for detailed screening and analysis.
  • MOSAIC function allows you to combine photos from different areas to recreate a more complete view of the retina.


  • Different screen indicators simplify focusing, aligning and imaging
  • It enables you to delegate the capture of images.
  • The intuitive interface of the ANAEYES™ software facilitates a quick start and easy navigation.
  • The ANAEYES™ software includes control functions that make processing and analysis easier and faster.
  • Thanks to its database, ANAEYES™ software enables you to store all information and provide a personalized monitoring of each patient file.


  • The ANAEYES™ system allows you to organize imaging, processing and analysis any way you want. You can connect the Retina 400 up to two additional work stations.
  • Imaging and analysis of results can be performed on site or remotely.
  • Connection and set-up require a single connection to the practice network that can be wireless.

What is the minimum pupil size?

2.2 mm in diameter is the minimum pupil size.

How many megapixels is the camera?

2448 x 2052 pixels or 5 MP

Does it do anterior segment imaging?

It can be used to photograph external images. If you need detailed anterior images, you will need a digital camera for your slit lamp.

Does it do Meibomian gland analysis?

Yes, it can do superior and inferior Melbomian gland analysis.

Is it automated or manual?

All functions on the camera are manual, giving the user full control of the functions.

Can I do reports?

Yes, there are preset reports and custom reports are also available.

Is a computer with software included?

No computer is included. The suggestion is buy from Essilor Instruments to avoid compatibility issues.

How many viewers are included?

The computer includes software with two additional viewers.

Can I have a C/D ratio?

Yes, easy function and automatic recognition.

What are the minimum requirements for the PC?

Windows 7, 8 or 10. 2 USB 3.0 ports, Intel Celeron Processor, 2 GB ram, 500 GB HD and 1024 GB video card

Is Cornea DICOM compatible?

Yes, but we do not integration with any EMR.

Do we need a USB3 port on the PC?

Yes, one port is needed.

How many filters does RETINA400 offer?

6 filters (No filter, Infrared, Red Free, Choroidal, Vascular and Nerve Fiber)

Can I do a video of the fundus?

No, only pictures

Can I change the contrast/gamma/brightness of the image?

Yes, it can be done easily using the mouse wheel.

Is there any option for angio?

No, this retinal camera is non-mydriatic and angio is not possible.

Do I have to dilate the eyes?

You don’t have to. However, in some cases, some doctors dilate eyes to explore the retina.

What is the minimum pupil size?

2.2 mm is the minimum. Average cameras are 3.5 mm.

Do I need to drill my table to mount the RETINA400?

Yes, it requires a foot print of 13″ x 13″ like a slit lamp.