Lens Finishing Systems

Lens Finishing Systems

by Robert Capielo

Mr. Blue 2.0

Give your talent the tools it deserves

Mr. Blue 2.0 is on the cutting edge of innovation – serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch. Now featuring a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before, Mr. Blue 2.0 is the perfect solution for:

  • Working with cutting edge technology
  • Differentiating your offerings
  • Optimizing your edging process

Essilor Fit 4 Frame

Essilor Mr. Blue 2.0
Mr. Blue 2.0

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Complete Control of Lens Mounting

  • Optimal monitoring of all trajectories, irrespective of finishing materials or shapes
  • Absolute axis control thanks to hybrid edging technology: grinding + milling
  • Ideally suited for quality finishing even on highest base curves
  • Fast and accurate drilling with data acquired in a single operation
  • Automatic centering and blocking for simple operation

Unrivalled Ergonomics

  • Completely integrated functions without external peripheral devices
  • Vertical architecture with <Heads-up displays> for optimum comfort
  • Storage features ensure all accessories are within reach.
  • Intelligent interface adapts to the way you work.

Highest Quality Guaranteed

Perfect Centering

  • Binocular 3-D tracing of full-rim frames up to base 9*
  • Automatic adjustment of centering data based on the frames’ 30D parameters*

Aesthetic and Robust Mountings

  • FIT-4-Frame technology with dedicated small wheel*
  • Drilling and grooving tools can be tilted up to 30o, making it safe to mount lenses of up to base 10. *Essilor patents and exclusives

Safe Process

  • Roughing cycle automatically adapts to the curves of lenses up to base 10, avoiding all risk of breakage
  • Bevel placement and shelf depth optimized for safe mounting without undue stress of lens

Aesthetically Pleasing and Easy-to-Mount Bevels

  • The bevel heights are adjustable to perfectly adjust to the thinnest grooves
  • The shelf bevel heights are optimized to follow the frame’s shape perfectly
  • The step bevel is particularly suited for sport eyeglasses with deep, rectangular or uneven groove profile

Specialist functions that help set your store apart from the competition

  • Blue 2.0 will help you get the most out of your lab’s expertise more than any other chain
  • An elegant design to fit into your sales area
  • Unrivalled performance so you can fulfill all requests without compromising on quality
  • New opportunities to customize glasses with M’EYE Sign

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

I always had Santinellis but switched to Mr. Blue six years ago. I now have two Mr. Blue edgers. Mr. Blue is the best machine ever, and I have had quite a few.

Michael StoffOwnerEye Shoppe On SeventhBrooklyn, NY

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

We first purchased a Mr. Blue in 2011. We were so amazed by not only the performance, but by the customer service as well, we upgraded to a Mr. Blue 2.0. Through the years, we have not had any issues other than normal wear and tear. If something did come up, our Essilor Instruments sales manager would just be a phone call away. He’s been there from the initial install until now, and still calls or texts me periodically to see how we’re doing. We definitely appreciate this level of service. Now from the technical side, the Essilor Instruments technician has always been there for us as well. He’s been accommodating with our schedules, and has been able to promptly troubleshoot any issues we’ve had. We highly recommend Mr. Blue and the service that comes with it.


Anthony DoanOffice Manager / OpticianClear Vision OptometrySan Bernardino, CA

Lens Finishing Systems

In my 36 years of working in the industry, I have used many of the higher-end units and none have come close to Essilor’s Mr. Blue. It is simple to use, worry-free and so precise it still amazes me. I especially like the sealed chamber because it virtually eliminates odors and dust created by edging poly and high-index lenses. In addition, the Customer Support is extraordinary. They will go out of their way to ensure all of your expectations are met.

Joseph Dell'AiraOptical Lab ManagerOptical HeightsRoslyn Heights, NY

Lens Finishing Systems

Sonoma Eyeworks is coming up on its 18th anniversary. In those 18 years, Mr. Blue is our second all-in-one edging system. Mr. Blue is far superior to its predecessor. I have been working in optical labs for 28 years and Mr. Blue is by far the best edger I have ever operated. The machine needs little to no maintenance. The function of a database with thousands of shapes, as well as being able to create an operator’s own database is a huge help. The digital camera in the tracer/blocker is a huge help as well, as it is no longer necessary to mark lenses manually on a lensometer. Everything went seamlessly from the sales associate to the technician that installed the machine. Technical Support as well as Customer Service is there to answer any and all questions in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend a Mr. Blue edging system to another practice.

Wayne WilmsenLab ManagerSonoma EyeworksSanta Rosa, CA

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

As a third-generation lab owner with over 30 years of experience, I’ll have a hard time making a higher recommendation than I could for the Essilor Instruments sales manager. He has proven to be an excellent salesperson, communicator, technician, and “friend” to our business.

He has sold us our last two edgers (three in total). We have used Mr. Blue since September 2011 and Mr. Orange since December 2016. I feel that he does a great job of listening to our needs and finding adequate solutions. I feel that he sets up reciprocal transactions that help both Empire Optical and Essilor Instruments. This is the reason we keep doing business with Essilor Instruments.

Relationship is extremely important to me and my business, and I’ll say that he excels in relationship. We sincerely appreciate what he brings to our relationship with Essilor Instruments, and look forward to doing business in the years to come.

Christian HargroveOwnerEmpire OpticalTulsa, OK

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3WAfter loving our first Mr. Blue, we added the Mr. Blue 2.0 version to our practice. The stepped bevel tool is great for high-wrapped frames. Our customers know we can Rx frames that no one else can! It’s a highly-efficient and intuitive edger that knows what material I’m going to use based off of our edging patterns. It self-calibrates throughout the day so I know the lensometry is always accurate. Using the Essibox, you can even download a drill mount shape from a manufacturer without even having the frame. If we ever have a question, tech support is just a phone call away and can walk us through anything.

Mr. Blue is our most dependable employee!

Jen StevensManagerEye Pieces of VailVail, CO

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3WPurchasing Mr. Blue was a great experience from the beginning, in 2011. Our Essilor Instruments sales rep has been a great resource on what equipment fits our office needs. In the last seven years, we have been able to increase productivity by keeping drill, high base curve, and custom bevel jobs in-house. This keeps turn-around time at a minimum and keeps more profits in the office. Technical support is always timely in getting information I need. Great instrument for our practice now and for the future.


OpticianYuba City, CA

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

Mr. Blue handles all aspects of lens production for us, including testing, measuring, edging, drilling and mounting. This technology allows us to cut lenses to fit the exact dimensions and shape of a frame. He also ‘reads’ each lens to find the perfect optical center to ensure the lenses are made to the exact specifications.

If a patient wants to use his/her current frame, Mr. Blue lets us trace the shape of the frame on the patient’s first visit, save it in his memory and have the lenses cut and waiting to put in the frame when the patient arrives to pick them up – saving the extra wait time.

And if a patient is in a hurry and we have the lenses in stock, Mr. Blue can have them ready for the patient in less than an hour.

Feeling adventurous? Mr. Blue can cut almost any custom shape patients can think of!

To us, Mr. Blue is the most advanced technology in edging to ensure glasses are made to the patients’ exact prescriptions and fit for frames.

Danny HardestyPractice ManagerSimpson OpticalLexington, KY

Lens Finishing Systems

I purchased the Mr Blue edging system for in office finishing and custom spectacle lens design in 2012 after seeing what it was capable of doing in person when I attended a conference in 2012 in San Francisco. What impressed me the most about the design of the edger was its capability of custom shaping and milling functions, lack of significant sound and lack of significant odor during high-index edging. As the anti-reflective coatings and lens treatments have improved over the past 10 years, one of the most difficult aspects of in-office edging was controlling the lens when blocked for edging. Since a high-velocity wheel was typically used to cut and finish a lens to size, typically the errors made in edging were slip-related. The milling function has been wonderful for eliminating this variable. Reshaping frame traces has also improved the aesthetics of the jobs leaving my office/lab. I feel that any issue that has arisen in the past 5 years mechanically has been immediately and professionally addressed. This is what in my opinion separates my experience with Essilor instruments and other large equipment manufacturers/distributers that I have used in the past.

Simaan ShiniODCollege Station, TX

Lens Finishing Systems

I’m using my second Mr. Blue from Essilor Instruments, I love it! It’s the extra lab person who never calls in sick, takes a day off and doesn’t ask why…..

It’s a part of our success in regards to drilling rimless eyewear correctly in a fraction of time it would take for an outside laboratory. The ease of plug and play for a new staff member to cut basic to unusual high prescriptions with little training. Mr. Blue affords our office staff to know with absolute confidence in a mechanical fit between frame and lens every time, so for our money we invest in Essilor Instruments.

Roger SpillmanInsight VisionArlington, TX