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Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Orange Edging System

A perfectly balanced concentrate of technology

Thanks to its perfect balance of speed and performance, the Mr Orange lens edging system sets a simple and accessible standard for even the most difficult jobs. Whatever the finish or curvature of the lens, its wide array of functions guarantees top quality results.

Manufactured by Essilor | CE- and UL-certified

Mr Orange
Mr Orange

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Total Command of Your Jobs

  • 30o tool inclination: Combined with lens geometry analysis, this range of movement provides outstanding results for all lens finishes (grooving, drilling, beveling) and base curves.
  • Fit-4-Frame technology: Variable geometry bevel with a dedicated chamfering wheel for shelf-beveling and fitting lenses in every form of groove regardless of the frame base

Designed to Change with Lenses

  • Star control process: Especially for hydrophobic treated lenses, this cycle offers outstanding control of the lens integrity (centering, edging, treatment resistance), irrespective of the material, shape, and finish.
  • Real-time control of cutting forces offers the best execution time and performance ratio.
  • Customized finishes: Customization of the finish parameters offers irreproachable results and guarantees a perfect fit under all circumstances.

High Level of Tracing

  • Binocular tracing in 3 dimensions up to base 9
  • Feeler profile and inclination* designed to follow even the most complex grooves
  • Mechanical design recognized for its precision and regularity

*Essilor patent

Efficiency Based on Comfort

  • Centering space designed for all lens geometries, including curved large diameters and recut lenses
  • Hand rest and front-loading blocking arm designed for ambidextrous use
  • Soft touch finish of the centering range for work comfort and more accuracy

Precise Centering Strategy

  • Centering aid: Real-time orientation and validation of the best centering position
  • Centering free from all prismatic effects, irrespective of the lens power
  • Automatic adjustment of decentrations depending on the frame parameters (curve angle, base and pantoscopic tilt) and the wearer data

Traces between the Lines and Stores Data Twice as Fast

  • Simultaneous acquisition of the shape and drilling data
  • Direct tracing without handling the lens or any accessories
  • Simple, easy access to the shape and drilling libraries
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Mr. Orange Brochure

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Finishing Systems Overview

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Finishing Equipment Catalog

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User Manual – Mr Orange Edging System

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User Manual – Mr Orange Tracer Addendum

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

We have always had Essilor equipment. When we were ready to buy a new machine three years ago, I thought I would stay with the same company because I always liked working with Essilor and the Kappa K that we had was a great workhorse. I did look at other machines but thought Mr. Orange would be a good fit. It was very easy to learn for both experienced opticians and those who had never edged before. We are now using it to make Chemistrie clips in-house. I use the Essibox also and the Mr. Blue tracer is great.


Patty DonovanABOC, OwnerEyelook OpticalPortsmouth, NH

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr. Orange Edging SystemMr Blue-3W

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Auto Orange (Mr. Orange edger with Mr. Blue tracer). They are easy to operate and our technicians mastered them fairly quickly. Our Essilor Instruments sales manager was and is very supportive to our needs, concerns, and questions. We have not had a need for technical assistance but we are comfortable with knowing they probably will be there if the need should arise.

Great job to Essilor Instruments for creating equipment that offers valuable rewards and returns. Our in-house lab has been a wonderful asset for our bottom line but more importantly, it has improved our patient satisfaction immensely! Thank you!

Special thanks also to our Essilor Instruments sales manager for helping us make the right choice!


Dolores FraireODThe Optical Shop of WA Inc.Shelton, WA

Lens Finishing Systems

Our Essilor Instruments sales manager has done a tremendous job for Houston Eye Associates over the years. He has always been available when assistance was needed and has routinely exceeded our expectations with service and advice catered to our company. These are highly-valued qualities in a representative and it is why we continue to do business with Essilor Instruments. We have had Mr. Blue the longest, for 7+ years, then Mr. Orange, and then the two Neksia edgers. While our needs have changed over the years, the support has not. This is a true testimony to his professionalism and why he is a real asset to Essilor Instruments.

David P. BrownOptical DirectorHouston Eye AssociatesHouston, TX

Lens Finishing Systems

Our Essilor Instruments sales manager is also our equipment adviser. On his last visit, he was very helpful navigating our six-month-old Mr. Orange. There is always something new to learn and when we call, we always get a quick response. A+ service! Thanks!

Gene GebhardFranchisee OpticianPearle VisionCharleston, SC

Lens Finishing Systems

We are a full service lab in Michigan that caters to local independent practices. While we are not a multi-million dollar “mega-lab,” we have been treated with the same sense of importance and respect by Essilor Instruments. Our first purchase was a refurbished KAPPA CTD. It has performed like new and continues to be a reliable work horse. We recently acquired the Mr. Orange system. It has given us the same state-of-the-art capabilities usually reserved for the “mega-labs.” These machines, combined with great customer service and expert technicians, have added value and confidence to our lab. Very pleased!

Erik PrestonOwner/Lab ManagerLocerne Optical LabsWixom, MI

Lens Finishing Systems

The Mr. Orange system performs beyond expectations. Very satisfied with the equipment and the service is excellent.

Paul HodsonOwnerDee OpticiansBuffalo, NY

Lens Finishing Systems

The ease of use has helped Mr. Orange to seamlessly integrate into our office as part of the team. We are able to trurn around jobs faster, save money on our lab bills, and WOW patients with our service.

Dr. Brandon CornishFamily Vision Institute of South FloridaFt. Lauderdale, FL

Lens Finishing Systems

I have enjoyed very much, working for the last six years with my Mr. Orange system. The edger and tracer are very accurate and easy to use. I have also received excellent service, thanks to my Essilor Instruments sales and service reps.

Dr. Robert HammondJohnson OptometricGarner, NC

Lens Finishing Systems

Great experience with Mr. Orange. The 3pc. capacity is wonderful, especially coming from an optician that used to drill by hand. Fast and accurate work, I have owned it for over 2 years with no mechanical problems.

William C. Rich Jr.Owner/OpticianFalcon OpticalDryden, NY

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

As a third-generation lab owner with over 30 years of experience, I’ll have a hard time making a higher recommendation than I could for the Essilor Instruments sales manager. He has proven to be an excellent salesperson, communicator, technician, and “friend” to our business.

He has sold us our last two edgers (three in total). We have used Mr. Blue since September 2011 and Mr. Orange since December 2016. I feel that he does a great job of listening to our needs and finding adequate solutions. I feel that he sets up reciprocal transactions that help both Empire Optical and Essilor Instruments. This is the reason we keep doing business with Essilor Instruments.

Relationship is extremely important to me and my business, and I’ll say that he excels in relationship. We sincerely appreciate what he brings to our relationship with Essilor Instruments, and look forward to doing business in the years to come.

Christian HargroveOwnerEmpire OpticalTulsa, OK