by Robert Capielo
Essilor Examination Room

Exam Room

Whether you are performing comprehensive optometric tests or focusing on prescription checks, you can choose the appropriate function level and be sure of reliable measurements, even in the most complex cases.

Essilor Screening Room

Screening & Diagnostics

To further enhance your expertise from refraction to the diagnoses of eye conditions, Essilor is providing you with advanced solutions which make your practice really unique to your customers.

Essilor Lens Finishing

Lens Finishing Systems

As you are dedicated to provide the best products and services to your patients, Essilor Instruments is committed to develop the best-in-class technologies to secure accurate, aesthetic and perfectly fitted mounting. Our systems give access to different levels of finishing, speed, range of shapes and automatisms. They have also been designed to be networked to answer different volumes and secure in-practice data exchange.

Essilor Small Equipment

Small Equipment

Essilor Instruments has chosen to renew its range of tools, small equipment and consumables for your lab, your refraction room and dispensing area. Our extensive panel of small equipment complements a wide range of instruments for your practice.

Vision Screeners

Vision Screeners and Tests

Stereo Optical’s vision screeners provide quick, accurate and reliable results in a controlled environment with no training or certification necessary.

Accessories and Consumables

Accessories & Consumables

Consumables and accessories are key factors to obtain a mounting that fulfills your customer’s requirements. Our pads and blocks will optimize the finishing process of your equipment. All products are specifically designed, developed and tested by our R&D department to enhance lifetime performance of your Essilor Instruments edging systems.

Get factory-direct quality straight from the source because we are not just a reseller but a manufacturer – expert on finishing and optometry equipment and process.