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Lens Finishing Systems

Cash Return from In-Office Finishing

Why you should add in-office finishing to your practice

Like most eye care professionals, you have the goal of increasing profits, providing better service, improving patient satisfaction and growing your business for long-term success. Here are several ways that adding an in-office finishing lab can benefit your optical business:


Adding an in-office finishing lab can allow you to:

  • Improve your professional identity and the patients’ perceptions of your practice’s technical ability and sophistication
  • Increase patient satisfaction with quicker turn-around time
  • Provide exemplary service to patients to improve you competitive advantage


Adding an in-office finishing lab can allow you to:

  • Determine the quality of products dispensed to your patients
  • Save staff time, with less job tracking and re-scheduling for glasses not ready when promised
  • Offer possibly same-day service, receive same-day payment, solve patient eyewear emergencies and produce eyewear more quickly and efficiently


Adding an in-office finishing lab can allow you to:

  • Help retain patients who will be pleased with the speedy timeframe
  • Gain additional patient base if you can participate in more vision-care plans


Adding an in-office finishing lab can allow you to:

  • Add a new source of income for the practice
  • Reduce lab costs, potentially thousands of dollars a year depending on the number of jobs
  • Produce premium products such as Chemistrie clips for virtually any frame on your board
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Case for In-Office Finishing

Finishing Systems Overview


Below is a sample cost analysis to show that you can earn significant savings on your lab bills by having an in-office finishing system.


You may be concerned about the staff training required for an in-office finishing lab. Just note that modern lens finishing equipment makes the process of finishing lenses in-house much easier than just a few years ago. Edging systems takes less time, finish all lens types, and offer built-in accuracy along with ease of use.

Essilor Instruments makes in-house finishing easier and more profitable to help you grow your practice. Our finishing offerings range from the all-in-one Delta series to the trusted mid-range Neksia series, and premium Mr. Orange and Mr. Blue edging systems:

  • Experience Celebrating 50+ years of best-in-class R&D and manufacturing of lens finishing systems
  • Quality  – ISO 9001-certified, Essilor Instruments performs quality-control procedures at all stages of the manufacturing process
  • Service – All services performed by Essilor Instruments certified technicians

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