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Exam Room

CS550 Chart System

  • 19″ LCD screen with Red and Green charts
  • Contrast and color tests
  • Customizable slideshow
  • Easy connection to APH 550
  • Very intuitive menu
  • Remote Control with integrated panel
  • Projection distance: 2 to 6m

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CS 550
CS550E Chart System

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  • Over 100 kinds of general and special charts
  • Optotypes randomization and reversible tests for mirrored room
  • 2 types of progression available: A type or B type


  • Can be managed either by remote control or by APH550 automatic phoropter keyboard


  • Floor stand, R&G glass

What is the size of the screen for CS550?


Can I do a glare test?


What is the min-max. length for my exam room?

The recommended minimum is 10 ft. and the maximum 18 ft.

Can I upload and show customized videos in CS550?

It is not possible to play videos.

Do we have tutorial slides, for disease, etc.?

Yes, they are embedded.

Do we have animation for kids?

Yes, we have kid-fixation videos.

Is it wired or wireless from the autophoropter keyboard to the chart system?

We use IR, which is very stable versus Bluetooth. No cable is needed.

Do these screens come with VESA wall mounts?

Yes, included in the accessories box.

What is the distance required from the chart screen to the autophoropter?

We recommend a minimum of 10-11 ft. Otherwise, a mirror is needed (MIRROR10).

Can we add videos or ads to the program?

No, this is not a computer. However, we can manage to add a logo if needed.