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Technical Support That Fits Your Needs

At Essilor Instruments USA , we believe in providing our customers with timely and superior service. When you need technical support, please call 855.393.4647 or email service@essilorinstrumentsusa.com.
Gain peace of mind
We offer a variety of support plans* for all Essilor equipment and especially Essilor finishing systems. Essilor Instruments has produced finishing systems for over 50 years. Our finishing offerings range from the all-in-one Delta series to the trusted Neksia, the premium Mr Orange and Mr Blue edging systems, and the Pro-E series for high-volume labs. We also service your existing Kappa and Gamma finishing systems.
To keep your equipment performing properly, please contact us about our extended service plans. With an extended service plan, you have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your equipment investment and that our well-trained team of service professionals is available to provide prompt and effective on-site service.

Essilor Instruments USA Extended Service Plan

For the Delta, Neksia, Mister, and Pro-E series finishing systems,
  • Fixed charges for yearly preventive maintenance that includes labor
  • $350 fixed charge per visit and flight only charged for travel
  • 10% discount on consumables and parts
*Terms and conditions apply


Please speak with your certified field service technicians or contact one of our sales managers for questions and/or details to decide which plan best fits your needs.