Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

by Robert Capielo


thumbnail of Essilor Instruments Brand ad email

Solutions and Technologies

thumbnail of extreme close up graphic July 2018 VCPN

Finishing Systems

thumbnail of Cornea 550 full page ad v9 FINAL

Cornea 550

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS ad v7 FINAL


thumbnail of Pro-E 600 full page ad v2 FINAL

Pro-E 600

thumbnail of PAL-pupillometer eflyer v2 FINAL

PAL-ID & Pupillometer

thumbnail of m-eyesign print ads v2 Email singles green

M’Eye Sign with Mr. Blue

thumbnail of m-eyesign print ads v2 Email singles 052617_3

Unique Like Me

thumbnail of Kappa edger flyer v2 Email singles 071017

Servicing Kappa

thumbnail of EI-SO store eblast

Two New Online Stores

thumbnail of Pro-E 600 eblast v2

Pro-E 600 Testimonial

thumbnail of Trade in your clunker eblast

Trade In Clunker