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thumbnail of Mr Blue SSE eblast 08-2019

Mr Blue Sun & Sport Sale

thumbnail of WAM 700+ eblast 06-2019

Wave Analyzer WAM700+ Sale

thumbnail of SL450HE eblast 11-08-18

Premium Slit Lamp Sale


thumbnail of Essilor Instruments Brand ad email

Essilor Solutions/Technologies

thumbnail of Stereo Optical brand ad Eyecare Business (no crop marks)

Stereo Optical Screening

thumbnail of EI-SO Store eblast 07-2019

Online Stores


thumbnail of Mr Blue SSE eblast no VE

Mr. Blue Sun & Sport Outdoor Lenses

thumbnail of m-eyesign print ads v2 Email singles green

M’Eye Sign with Mr. Blue

thumbnail of m-eyesign print ads v2 Email singles 052617_3

Unique Like Me

thumbnail of Mr Blue Infinite Vision ad – 2019 VM (reduced)

Mr Blue Infinite Vision

thumbnail of Kappa SE eblast

KAPPA Special Edition

thumbnail of extreme close up graphic July 2018 VCPN

World Leader – Finishing

thumbnail of Kappa edger flyer v2 Email singles 071017

Servicing KAPPA

thumbnail of Pro-E 700 Vision Monday VEW ad email

Pro-E 700 Compact High-Volume

thumbnail of Pro-E 600 eblast v2

Pro-E 600 Testimonial

thumbnail of PRO-E 700 LabTalk ad 05-2019 (reduced)

PRO-B 300 Blocker


thumbnail of Superior Exam Lane eblast 09-2019

Superior Exam Lane Set

thumbnail of Vision R-800 eblast

Vision-R 800 Reinventing Refraction

thumbnail of Cornea 550 eblast 2-2019 v3

Cornea 550 Dry Eye Assessment

thumbnail of WAM 700+ Launch eBlast 7-2018

WAM700PLUS Streamlining Practice

thumbnail of RETINA 800 eblast 09-2019

RETINA800 Fundus Camera

thumbnail of OPTEC PLUS ad v7 FINAL

OPTEC PLUS Digital Screener