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Light Therapy

OPE® IPL Technology


Safe. Convenient. No gel involved.

OPE IPL in epi-c plus® is our patented Intense Pulsed Light technology. We designed OPE as polychromatic light whose thermal impulses are calibrated through software to always be emitted at just the right intensity, providing an extremely high degree of safety and effectiveness.

Safe, quick, convenient.

We invested heavily in designing an IPL technology that could minimize risk during treatment for the patient whilst maximizing ease of use for the operator administering the therapy.

The Benefits of OPE IPL

  • No gel is required; air-cooling provides convenience of use
  • Pre-installed treatment settings based on the skin type
  • It provides homogenous energy application.
  • Can be safely used on the patient’s face, including the malar region

Maximum convenience, exceptional ease of use

OPE IPL allows for usage without any protective gel. This is made possible by our patented, software-enabled technology providing a light impulse that is emitted at just the right frequency, every time, throughout every beam. This provides both operators and patients with an invaluable asset: the convenience of an exceptional, frictionless experience.

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