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PAL-ID Engraving Identifier

PAL-ID has been discontinued. The parts will remain available for the foreseeable future. 

We have introduced this alternative:

  • PAL-ID2, a 3-in-1 lens inspection station

Fast and effortless identification of all surface markings

  • Progressive addition lenses or PAL’s feature laser engravings as a means to establish critical information such as fitting reference points, add power, lens material, manufacturer and specific style. These engravings are often faint.
  • PAL-ID is a sturdy instrument that features an exclusive patented optical imaging system designed to illuminate, enlarge and enhance even the faintest engravings on PALs.
  • PAL-ID makes it possible for even the least experienced operator to locate and accurately identify markings in a matter of seconds.
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User Manual
PAL-ID2 Identifier Plus
PAL-ID2 Identifier Plus
  • PAL Engraving Identifier Plus

    Code: PAL-ID2

    3-in-1 Lens Inspection Station:

    • PAL identifier
    • Polariscope
    • Final inspection

    Full product information

  • PAL-ID Bulb

    Code: 6500KPALID

    7 watt compact fluorescent bulb

    Full product information

  • PAL-ID Filter (Green)

    Code: PL-FILT

    Dark green for plastic lenses

    Installed shiny side up

    Full product information

  • PAL-ID Filter (Black with White Circle)

    Code: GL-FILT

    Black with white circle for glass lenses

    Installed shiny side up

    Full product information