Lens Finishing Systems


Everything you need to race through your workloads

The next generation of KAPPA – the simple and reliable edging solution for my daily workflow, because some letters inspire confidence.

With Neksia, Essilor combines years of experience in high-performance and precision edging into one of the most user-friendly and productive systems in the world.

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Work More Easily

  • A touch of efficiency – The 8.4-inch color touch-screen display makes navigation a breeze. And you can select the icon-based functions quickly and easily with just the touch of a finger.
  • Fast-access settings – With all job settings located conveniently on the centering part of the system, you can define your finishing settings quickly and launch edging jobs in just a few clicks. If necessary, you can still adjust settings after the feeler measurement.
  • A user-friendly 1,000-position job database – Save precious time by easily accessing or storing complete jobs in the database via the touch screen or optional barcode reader.

Experience Workflow Efficiency

  • Fast, easy and extended frame tracking – Equipped with auto frame-type selection, simple clamping and rapid tracing cycles, Neksia helps you trace any type of frame effortlessly, including children’s frames, small B-size and large A-size frames
  • Automatic drilling-hole recognition – Achieve even greater productivity thanks to optional features dedicated to automatic detection of drilling holes and flat bevel shapes.
  • Convenient centering and blocking – Neksia arms you with valuable features that make centering and blocking straight-forward and precise.
    • Handle lenses easily with the wide-open centering area
    • Increase precision with intelligent targeting and parallax-free working
    • Benefit from the intuitive on-screen interface

Achieve High Performance

  • Improve axis accuracy – By combining new edging cycle algorithms and cutting-force regulation, you are guaranteed optimal results whatever the edging situation.
    • Optimized edging speed based on the lens material, shape and lens thickness guarantees fast cycle times, lens positioning and alignment.
    • The New Edging Assisted System cycle avoids axis deviation on new- generation hydrophobic lenses, rectangular shapes or fragile lenses.
  • Best automatic cycles – For 90% of your jobs, all it takes are a few clicks to achieve a perfectly calculated bevel, groove or drilling cycle. The lens is well positioned for an aesthetic and perfectly fitted result, no matter the material or frame type.
  • Consistent intelligent chamfering – With Neksia’s patented flexible chamfering wheel, the pressure applied to the wheel adapts seamlessly to the lens edge depending on the shape and curve of the lens.

Lens Finishing Systems

Neksia D (3W)

The Neksia in our practice has an automated touch screen and more features than our previous edger. So far, it has been very reliable. We had an issue with software on the edger that was resolved quickly with a phone call to tech support. All of the features are easily accessed through the touch screen. The tracer blocker screen is very easy to use to view progressive markings, which speeds up the blocking process. The finished-lens product is reliably accurate and produces a really good shape, size and level.

David LaneOpticianChapel Hill OphthalmologyChapel Hill, NC

Lens Finishing Systems

Neksia D (3W)

Our Essilor Instruments sales manager has been helpful with regard to training staff on the use of our Neksia Auto edging system. He was also very helpful when we had issues initially and worked with us to get us a better edger that is more suitable for our practice.

Thy Pham NguyenODFocus OpticalThe Woodlands, TX

Lens Finishing Systems

Our Essilor Instruments sales manager has done a tremendous job for Houston Eye Associates over the years. He has always been available when assistance was needed and has routinely exceeded our expectations with service and advice catered to our company. These are highly-valued qualities in a representative and it is why we continue to do business with Essilor Instruments. We have had Mr. Blue the longest, for 7+ years, then Mr. Orange, and then the two Neksia edgers. While our needs have changed over the years, the support has not. This is a true testimony to his professionalism and why he is a real asset to Essilor Instruments.

David P. BrownOptical DirectorHouston Eye AssociatesHouston, TX

Lens Finishing Systems

We have had a great experience with our Essilor Instruments sales manager. The service is great and the edging equipment is perfect. We have used the Kappa edger for 10 years.

Ashish ChhitwalODVisual Health Doctors of OptometryFairfax, VA

Lens Finishing Systems

Neksia D (3W)

We got the Neksia edger from Essilor Instruments about four years ago, and I must say it is the best purchase I have made. The service from Essilor Instruments has been phenomenal. They have taken care of the instrument, service and training of the staff in the best possible way. Whenever we had a problem, they were always there to help us out.

I would highly recommend the Neksia edger from Essilor Instruments.

Ravi Kankaria, ODVision Source - AldineHouston, TX

Lens Finishing Systems

We have had two Kappa edgers and tracers for over 20 years. Our Essilor Instruments sales manager is the best. Always there to help. Always friendly and definitely knows his stuff. Amazing guy, amazing service!

John KlopferOwnerRoute 20/20 VisionLocust Grove, VA

Lens Finishing Systems

The Neksia has completely changed the way our lab operates. The speed and efficiency of the Neksia system has allowed us to double our lab’s output. The Essilor team that installed the Neksia was second to none. They had the unit installed and had us completely trained in just a few hours. This speaks to the knowledge of the sales manager and also to the ease of the Neksia system.

James WilliamsonPractice ManagerAlma, GA