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Lens Finishing Systems

Pro-E 600 Edger for High-Vol. Labs

Edge ahead without compromise

PRO-E 600 has whole-new fast processes designed to increase productivity that is essential for high-volume labs. The wide range of finishing options are delivered with a high level of accuracy and aim to maximize efficiency and turn time. Reliable, compact, cost-effective, and easy to integrate into any lab, PRO-E 600 addresses every forward-thinking lab looking for an innovative solution.

Boost productivity – PRO-E 600 is specifically designed for high-volume production. Thanks to new processes in all its cycles, this edging system is on average 50% faster than other tabletop edgers.
Process the most complex jobs efficiently
– Bevel, mini-bevel, asymmetric and step bevel, groove, mix, drill, chamfer and polish: PRO-E 600 can do it all.

High accuracy to get mountings right the first time – PRO-E 600 meets the highest standards in top-end precision, providing right-first-time rapid results in faultless sizing, axis control and aesthetic mountings.

Quick integration and intuitive use – This compact tabletop edging system fits easily into lab operations and requires no vacuum or compressed air. It interfaces effortlessly with laboratory management software (ISO 16284).

Robust and easy to maintain – The industrial design of PRO-E 600 incorporates long-life components and fast maintenance procedures to maximize its up-time for a great value.

Manufactured by Essilor | CE- and UL-certified

Pro E600
Pro-E 600 M40157 (110V) and M40057 (220V)

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This compact edger fits right into every lab. It sits on the table top and requires no vacuum or compressed air, meaning no extra investment. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface, even for complex jobs, makes it immediately operational. It interfaces easily with laboratory management software (ISO 16284), and is connectable to Essilor tracer-blockers and Essibox®.


PRO-E 600 edger is specifically designed for volumes. It raises the productivity standards of its category using whole new processes in all its cycles. PRO-E 600 edger combines value for money with high volumes of quality mountings.


Maximize your offer thanks to this edger that can process all jobs efficiently, even the most complex, including high curve, sport, safety, children’s shapes and small B-size. Bevel, mini-bevel, asymmetric and step bevel, groove, mix finishes, drill, chamfer and polish… PRO-E 600 edger can do it all.


Eighteen months of field testing and engineering have delivered a highly robust solution. Long-life components and fast maintenance procedures maximize the edger’s up-time, making PRO-E 600 edger a smart investment for all volume labs.


PRO-E 600 edger meets the highest market standards in top-end precision, optimizing right-first-time rapid results in faultless sizing, axis control and aesthetic mountings. It combines the benefits of two lens edging techniques: quality finishing by abrasive wheels and scoring precision of milling with an innovative fast process. The best way to reduce rework and ultimately generate great customer satisfaction.

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Pro-E 600 Edging System Brochure

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Lens Finishing Systems

Pro-E-600We have 2 PRO-E 600 edgers in our lab. We had the first one installed 6 months ago. We love it so much that we purchased a second one and had it installed about 2 weeks ago. The team at Essilor Instruments is on point, from sales to install technicians and tech support.

When we installed the first one, one of my tech’s accidentally reset the factory settings. The Essilor tech who installed it for us was gone on another install. However, he took the time to spend a good deal of time on the phone with us to make sure that we got everything fixed and the edger up and running. We have not had a single problem with the 600 since then. It runs like a dream. It’s fast, cuts smoothly, and is extremely user-friendly. It took very little training to get my techs comfortable operating it.

The second install went smoothly as well. We had another issue that was our fault. Although the technician was driving to the airport, along with his wife and dog, he immediately turned his car around, came back and fixed the problem. It’s been running like a champ since then. The service is exceptional to say the least.

I’ve been in the optical lab industry for almost 20 years, and have never had such an amazing experience. I highly recommend this edger to anyone who is looking for a solid tabletop edger. It can run anything and doesn’t seem to have any limitations. I have industrial edgers in my lab as well, and the 600 can stand toe to toe with them. Well done Essilor!

Amber MellickLab Manager, HV Lab/Hero Practice Services, Colorado Springs, CO

Lens Finishing Systems

Pro-E-600The versatility of the PRO-E 600 allows us to produce high volume’s of work when needed and the ability to do specialized high wrap and difficult Rx’s with ease. With the limited amount of daily maintenance needed, your staff can concentrate on producing quality work your ECP’s have come to expect.

Jeff BunnLab Manager, Southern Optical, Morrisville, NC