Lens Finishing Systems

TESS Family of Frame Tracers

For every need there is a specific TESS tracer

Everything you need from a perfect tracer

  • Binocular tracing of all shapes, even the most intricate and high curved
  • Optimal rim contact without frame deformation ensured by patented tilted stylus
  • Tracing cycle adaptable to frame shape and thickness, with auto-recognition of the frame material
  • High accuracy trace data optimized for remote ordering and remote edging
  • Robust design. Long term stability for low frequency of calibration
  • OMA protocol compatibility – Easy integration in an Essibox network
  • 200 integrated shapes memory
  • Optional barcode reader
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Essilor Tess
L12004 TESS Tracer

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A Touch Screen for Ease of Use

In addition to the performance of the Tess tracer, E-Tess model offers even more:

  • 1:1 scale shape display to easily validate scanned shapes
  • A large set of shape modifications: B and ½ B dimensions, A and ½ A dimensions and scaling.
  • 1,000 shapes of internal memory storage
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L11002 E-TESS Tracer

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More Comfort at a More Intensive Rate

In addition to the performance of the E-Tess tracer, L-Tess model offers:

  • User comfort optimized for natural position of the neck and back
  • Raised tilted touch screen
  • Increased robustness of motors for higher production and durability
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L11012 L-TESS Tracer

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