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me-check® Digital Imaging Solution

Meibomian gland imaging device

  • Leverages complex algorithms for easy and repeatable screening
  • Both eyes tested via 2D/3D meibography
  • Average eye test conducted within 5 minutes
  • Results set the course for effective treatment of the root causes of inflammatory conditions
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me-check (code - ME-CHECK)
me-check (code - ME-CHECK)

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The Espansione ecosystem of solutions is an end-to-end portfolio of medical devices, designed and manufactured focusing on patients’ and operators’ needs, whilst preserving the maximum degree of safety and reliability.


me-check is the ultimate solution for evaluation of the eye where disease often originates.

We developed me-check in cooperation with Dr. Heiko Pult and Prof. James Wolffsohn. It features the Meiboscale developed by Dr. Heiko Pult, alongside the OSDI-6 test developed with Prof. James Wollfsohn.

This means the me-check software was built from scratch through complex mathematical algorithms, yet packaged with a fresh, operator-oriented user interface to provide specialists with the simplest, most effective screening—actionable in under 5 minutes.

Take Images

Both eyes are tested via 2D/3D meibography. The average eye test is conducted within 5 minutes from start to finish, with no harm or discomfort for the patient.

The result is repeatable and consistent, and a wide variety of tests are available.


An OSDI-6 questionnaire is conducted to complete the results of the eye test.

The questionnaire is conducted by the practitioner, requires no more than 5 minutes, and the results are input straight into the me-check OS.

Patient Overview

The me-check OS provides a comprehensive overview of the patient’s conditions leveraging Dr. Pult’s Meiboscale.


Results of the eye care examination set the course for effective treatment of the root causes of inflammatory conditions.

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