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Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue 2.0 Tracer-Centerer-Blocker

Totally automatic and secure centering

  • Automatically centers all lenses in seconds without any manual handling or pre-positioning
  • Automatically displays the lens in the frame axis
  • Tight axis control after blocking to center lenses with complete confidence
  • Automatically adjusts decentrations in accordance with the frame’s 3D parameters
  • Manufactured by Essilor | CE- and UL-certified
Mr Blue 2.0 Tracer Blocker
Mr Blue 2.0 Tracer Blocker

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State-of-the-art Tracing

  • Full High Curve tracing: 3D binocular tracing of full-rim frames up to base 9
  • Optimal adjustment to grooves without any distortion of the frame
  • Automatic material recognition and automatic adjustment of the tracing cycle
  • Excellent stability of measurements over time. Low calibration frequency

Simple Management of Drilled Jobs

  • Rapid and precise optical tracing with no need to touch the lens
  • Automatic detection of shape and drilling models in a single operation
  • Simple management of shape and drilling model libraries

Exceptional Ergonomics

  • Vertical architecture including tracer with “head-up” design
  • Wide tilt touchscreen
  • Automatic loading of posiblock
  • Built-in storage so accessories are always easily at hand
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Mr Blue 2.0 Tracer Blocker

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