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Light Therapy

epi-c plus® Solution

All-in-one powerhouse with both OPE IPL and LM LLLT

Epi-c plus is our flagship solution featuring both of our core technologies, Light Modulation® LLLT and Optimal Power Energy® IPL, for an optimal, non-invasive treatment of inflammatory conditions in the facial area, including the periorbital area.

  • Built to last and deliver value to practitioners and patients
  • Durable stainless steel body with an upgradable operating system
  • Provides effective, painless care to patients affected with inflammatory skin conditions on the upper face, periorbital and eyelids area
  • Safe for most skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Low cost per patient and fast ROI
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IPL LAMP (500 Treatments)

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Half Mask (Red) – 500 Treatments

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Half Mask (Blue) – 500 Treatments

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Our epi-c plus dermatological solution was built to last and continue delivering value to practitioners and patients alike.

A beautifully crafted, durable stainless steel body houses a technological wonder, developed entirely in-house to be obsolescence-proof, thanks to an upgradable operating system.

Hardware and software work hand in hand to provide effective, painless care to patients affected by inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, whilst being extremely easy to program and operate


Leveraging OPE IPL on epi-c plus is as easy as turning on flashlight on your phone. Based on the patient condition, OPE IPL flashes can be leveraged to painlessly treat the face, including the periorbital area and malar region.

Our OPE IPL technology improves blood circulation by dissipating blood vessels, improving the secretion of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

About Light Modulation LLLT

The power of our Light Modulation LLLT technology gets unleashed to the fullest on epi-c plus. Based on the patient condition, Light Modulation LLLT can be leveraged to painlessly treat the periorbital area.
On top of our Red Light, epi-c plus features also Blue and Yellow LM® LLLT wavelengths.

Epi-c plus Light Modulation Low-level Light Therapy is non-invasive, pain- and stress-free for patients.
The application of LM LLLT can be used to treat several dermatologic conditions on the upper face, periorbital and eyelids area, including inflammation, wrinkles and acne.

  • Comfortable, non-invasive periorbital application
  • Triggers endogenous heating of the periocular area
  • Stand-alone or supplemental application to OPE IPL
  • Safe for most skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Low cost per patient and fast ROI

Benefits of LM LLLT

LM LLLT utilizes light modulation, a patented photobiomodulation technology where the emission of a specific wavelength of light stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This increases cellular action and emphasizes cellular activity, triggering
endogenous heat that stimulates the normalization of glands.

  • LM LLLT therapy is easy. The automated software calculates the duration of the process.
  • The painless, non-contact 15-minute application provides a comfortable patient experience with no gel required.
  • A unique, patented LED mask covers the entire periorbital area.
  • LM LLLT is capable of producing results for the patient from the first session. In many cases, 1-2 sessions may be enough.
  • Always have the latest generation of equipment with instrument and software upgrades.
  • Minimal economic commitment and low per patient costs make LM LLLT a great option.


Safe. Convenient. No gel involved.

OPE IPL is our patented Intense Pulsed Light technology. We designed OPE as a polychromatic light whose thermal impulses are calibrated through software to always be emitted at just the right intensity, providing an extremely high degree of safety and effectiveness.

We invested heavily in designing an IPL technology that could minimize risk during treatment for the patient whilst maximizing ease of use for the operator administering the therapy.

The Benefits of OPE IPL

  • No gel is required; air-cooling provides convenience of use
  • Pre-installed treatment settings based on the skin type
  • Provides homogenous energy application
  • Can be safely used on the patient’s face, including the malar and periocular regions

Maximum Convenience, Exceptional Ease of Use

OPE IPL is the only pulsed light allowing for usage without any protective gel. This is made possible by our patented, software-enabled technology providing a light impulse that is emitted at just the right frequency, every time and throughout every beam. This provides both operators and patients with an
invaluable asset: the convenience of an exceptional, frictionless experience.


The power of light, cubed.

Light Modulation Low-level Light Therapy is a unique, light-based photobiomodulation technology available for epi-c plus. We developed and patented the technology
originally used by NASA (Low-level Laser Therapy) to treat astronauts in space for medical use on patients. LM LLLT works at biological level, generating endogenous heat through powerful LEDs stimulating ATP production in cells.

Discover the science behind LM LLLT – no pain, extreme gains

Photobiostimulation therapy enabled by LM LLLT on epi-c plus is completely painless for the patient —yet extremely effective in managing inflammation on the facial skin, including the eyelids, the periocular and malar areas.

Maximum convenience; exceptional value

The LM LLLT technology offers simplicity to the operator, convenience to the patient and impressive benefits to both.

This technology is exceptionally efficacious in the treatment of the facial skin for inflammation, including the periocular area.

Science told us it just works.

We believe we have surpassed ourselves with LM LLLT, crafting a technology bound to be deemed superior by the scientific community to our own OPE IPL.

This applies not only to the safety and convenience of the technology, but also to its efficacy in the treatment of facial and periocular inflammation.

A technology like no other

Operators and patients can enjoy the unique benefits of LM LLLT technology on epi-c plus.

  • It is fast—a treatment lasts 15 minutes.
  • It is painless.
  • It grants immediate relief to the patient.
  • It is easy and safe for the operator.
  • It is plug-and-play and does not require the operator to be constantly present during the treatment.

Light science

LM LLLT is our patented photobiomodulation technology—it triggers endogenous heating by stimulating ATP production in skin cells.

Three unique frequencies

Light Modulation Low-level Light Therapy can be leveraged employing three different light frequencies—each with its own unique benefits and use cases.

Red Light – Used for Inflammation Reduction and ATP Production Stimulus

Key facts on Red LM LLLT:

  • Improves cells metabolism due to increased ATP production within mitochondria
  • Reduces inflammation by regulating anti-oxidant defenses and reducing oxidative stress
  • Light-induced activation of transcription factors and signaling pathways
  • When a 15-minute treatment is applied, the total fluence in the treated area is 100 Joules/cm2.
  • The photobiomodulation device has an emission power of 100 mW/cm2.

Blue Light – Used for Bacteria Elimination

Key facts on Blue LM LLLT:

  • Blue light energy is absorbed by molecules called porphyrins within bacteria and when photosensitization occurs.
  • Exposure to the light can result in photodynamic inactivation, a process in which bacteria are killed by light.
  • The membrane-bound porphyrin molecules generate singlet oxygen radicals that damage or disrupt the cell wall of a variety of gram-positive bacteria and lead to cell death.
  • The relatively weak defense mechanism in bacteria against singlet oxygen induces damage, contributing to the high efficiency of the photodynamic inactivation.

Yellow Light – Used for Drainage and Swelling Reduction

Key facts on Yellow LM LLLT:

  • Yellow light also acts on mitochondrial respiration and increases ATP production.
  • Promotes the release of nitric oxide to assist in neuro-transmission and tissue repair
  • Decreases the inflammatory response by reducing the oedema
  • Increases skin elasticity and decreases metalloproteinases activity

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