Vision Screeners & Tests

Vision Screeners & Tests

by Robert Capielo

Functional Vision Analyzer

Ideal for pre- and post-op cataract, refractive surgery and clinical trials

  • Includes contrast sensitivity tests (sine wave gratings)
  • 4 lighting conditions – Day and night, with and without glare
  • Meets ANSI standards with unsurpassed homogeneous illumination
  • Optional software to illustrate real-world image of patient results
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Vision Analyzer


  • New unsurpassed homogeneous illumination
  • Background luminance complies with international standards
  • All light levels microprocessor controlled and continually calibrated
  • Binocular glare testing
  • Target illumination comes standard with 3.0 cd/m2 for night testing, and 85 cd/m2 for day testing, or may be customized* to specific needs with a value range of 1.0 cd/m2 to 125 cd/m2
  • Glare luminance at distance comes standard with 1 Lux and 28 Lux for night glare testing; 10 Lux and 135 Lux for day glare testing
  • Contrast Sensitivity test to evaluate the patient’s overall functional vision. Choose from either Sine Wave (F.A.C.T.®) or Letter (C.A.T.®)
  • Potential acuity for a quick assessment of macular function
  • Includes F.A.C.T.® Contrast Sensitivity slide package

* Note: Customized target illumination, glare levels, & test packages must be determined upon order placement.

Vision Screeners and Tests

The Stereo Optical Functional Vision Analyzer® (FVA) is the gold standard clinical and research instrument for evaluating the quality of vision beyond simple visual acuity.  The FVA reliably measures the contrast sensitivity function with and without disability glare.  This unique instrument therefore provides a full measure of vision assessment, analogous to a full audiogram for hearing function. In addition, the FVA been validated by a number of published clinical papers, and remains the standard in both the eye clinic and pharmacology research laboratory for FDA compliant drug studies. At the Captain James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center, we have used this instrument in several published randomized placebo controlled clinical trials.

Stuart Richer, OD, PhDNorth Chicago, IL