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Reichert® Tono-Vera® Tonometer

Game-changer in IOP measurement

  • Handheld tonometer with gentle rebound technology where a single-use probe briefly contacts the cornea
  • Ultimate Confidence in IOP Readings: Tono-Vera’s patented ActiView™ Positioning System quickly guides the user to the apex of the cornea, and when correctly positioned automatically takes the measurements, minimizing errors caused by manual alignment.
  • Quick and Easy to Use: Objective and reliable measurements can be achieved in as little as 3 readings but also has the option to do 6 measurements.
  • Utmost Comfort for Patients: Due to Tono-Vera’s gentle and painless rebound technology, no anesthesia drops are required.
  • Easily Delegate to Staff: With a very short learning curve, positioning guide and automatic measuring mode, IOP measurements can be easily delegated to staff all the while ensuring reliable measurements.
  • Secure Communication: Transfer data to your EMR software via Bluetooth, quickly and securely.
  • Easy Storage for Tono-Vera OcuDot Probes: Tono-Vera comes with a docking base that stores both Tono-Vera and Ocu-Dot probes and provides easy dispensing of the probes.

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Tono-Vera Tonometer Starter Kit
Tono-Vera Tonometer Starter Kit

16305 – AA Battery

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16306 – Rechargeable Battery

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16306 Tono-Vera® Rechargeable Starter Kit
16305 Tono-Vera® AA Battery Starter Kit

•  Tono-Vera
•  Tono-Vera Carrying Case
•  Tono-Vera Charging Base (16306 and 16326)
•  Tono-Vera Base (16305 and 16325)
•  Tono-Vera Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (16306 and 16326)
•  Tono-Vera AA Battery Pack (16305 and 16325)
•  Tono-Vera Training Aid
•  Tono-Vera Spare Probe Chamber Kit
•  Ocu-Dot® Tonometer Probes – 100 count
•  USB-C Charging Cable (16306 and 16326)
•  Charging Plug (16306 and 16326)
•  Pack of Four AA Batteries (16305 and 16325)

Weight: 4.2 oz. (120.3 g)
Length: 8.4 in. (21.25 cm)
Width: 2.6 in. (6.6 cm)
Thickness: 1.2 in. (3.0 cm)
Measurement Range: 5-60 mmHg (Display range 1-99 mmHg)
Accuracy: ±1.0 mmHg (5-20 mmHg), ±1.7 mmHg (21-60 mmHg)
Power Source: Tono-Vera Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack or Tono-Vera AA Battery Pack

Tono-Vera Leaflet

Tono-Vera Full Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is Tono-Vera different from icare?
A. Tono-Vera features a patented positioning system, ActiView™ that quickly guides the user to the apex of the cornea, providing accurate alignment. It automatically measures when properly positioned, providing higher confidence in IOP readings. iCare doesn’t have an alignment system.

2. Are Ocu-Dot Tonometer Probes interchangeable with other tonometer probes? And vice versa?
A. No, Reichert’s Tono-Vera tonometer is FDA cleared to be used with OcuDot probes only.

3. What is the warranty on a Tono-Vera Tonometer?
A. 2 Years

4. How does Tono-Vera compare to Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT)?
A. Tono-Vera is highly correlated with Goldmann Tonometry. It has met international regulatory standards to meet Goldmann Tonometry. Tono-Vera’s alignment and automatic measurement system provides more objective IOP readings that clinicians will have confidence in.

5. How can I send IOP measurements to EMR?
A. Tono-Vera features built in Bluetooth data transfer, allowing you to send data with the touch of a button. Pair Tono-Vera with ReichertSync, the software will automatically connect with the device anytime the Bluetooth is enabled.

6. Can measurements be taken manually with Tono-Vera?
A. Yes, Tono-Vera has 2 measurement modes, manual and automatic. Manual measurement mode may be helpful for patients with certain corneal conditions such as keratoconus.

7. Can I use Tono-Vera to measure IOP in a supine position?
A. Yes, Tono-Vera can be used in a supine position with the patient’s head titled to the side.