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Exam Room

2000-ST Instrument Stand FS

The benchmark for high-comfort daily use

  • This stand can be used with 1800CH, 2000CH or 2500CH
  • Robust and ergonomic features
  • Lock / release mechanism for slit lamp arm
  • Counterbalanced phoropter arm
  • Halogen light
  • 3 rechargeable wells with instrument console :
    – Up / down for chair
    – BIO power source control
    – Overhead light with rheostat
    – Power on / off switching
  • Reversible configuration (Left / right positioning)
  • Wheelchair accessible optional

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TABPROJ01 Projector Plate for Stand
2000 ST

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Can I control the lights in the room?

No, it cannot control external lights.

How many power outlets are in the stand?

Two power outlets are on the inside of the stand.

Can we charge a retinoscope, an ophthalmoscope, or a transilluminator?

Yes, three wells exist in the stand. Special adapters are needed.

Can we add extra support for a projector or manual kerato plates?

Yes, ARM003: optional plate for manual kerato and TABPROJ01: plate for a projector

Are the wells compatible with Heine or Welch Allyn products?

Yes, but special adapters may be needed. Note the Essilor Instruments HAND500 is fully compatible.