by Robert Capielo

Wave Analyzer Medica 700 Wavefront Aberrometer

Fast and fully automatic:
7-in-1 measurement solution

The WAVE ANALYZER is a fast and effective automatic aberrometer that provides 7 different detailed measures in one easy-to-use solution. With wireless connectivity, it facilitates the sharing of results with patients and transfer of data for follow-up monitoring or action.

  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology
  • Large touch screen makes it simple to navigate or follow the progression of measurement cycle
  • Easy data sharing with clear and customizable result reports
  • Comprehensive measurements :
    • 1/100 diopter refraction for day and night vision
    • Low and high order aberration with simulation of vision quality
    • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection
    • Retro-illumination of crystalline lens for opacity check and cataract screening
    • Scheimpflug-based pachymetry and tonometry for secured glaucoma screening
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  • All measures are automatically performed by the device once the chin rest level is adjusted.
  • Intuitive navigation and measurement cycle progression on the large touch screen
  • Performs 7 measurements in 90 seconds.


  • Clear and customizable result reports
  • XML-based technology for easy data and image transfer


Medica 700 FrontMy most recent purchase was the WAM Wavefront Analyzer Medica 700. This device has been a key addition to my practice especially now as the amount of audits for medical necessity have significantly increased over the past few years. I feel my skills in designing rigid contact lenses around the interesting corneal surfaces has greatly increased by being able to see exactly what I am trying to avoid or reshape. Also the ability to identify these cases early makes patient expectations with their quality of sight and management plan more clear.

Simaan ShiniODCollege Station, TX


Medica 700 FrontI recently purchased the WAM700 (Wave Analyzer Medica 700 Wavefront Abberrometer) after reviewing other similar instruments on the market. This instrument is great! By doing 7 different measurements within 2 minutes per eye, it is a time saver and money generator! My staff loves the ease of this machine, I like the data it provides without having to use multiple different devices and the patients are impressed with the technology. I highly recommend the WAM700.

Beth Pyle-SmithODEstrella Mountain Eye CareAvondale AZ