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A UNIQUE PLATFORM to capture, store, process and share digital images

Same software for CORNEA550, RETINA400 and DS550

New: Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) survey now included in software. Demo video and sample report for references

AnaEyes Software
  • Wide and high-definition screen to facilitate content sharing
  • Easy to understand graphics and charts to aid discussions with patients and enhance trust
  • Various files format to document results and demonstrate the consistency of the recommended procedure

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Can I do reports?

Yes, there are preset reports and custom reports are available.

How many licenses come with AnaEyes?

Three licenses: one for the main computer (acquisition) and two for ONLY viewers (no acquisition). $500 for each extra license.

How is the topography measured?

Using Placido rings, versus the cone technology

How many points does it measure?

It uses 24 rings to measure 6,144 points, covering the whole Cornea area.

Is the computer included?

No, the computer needs to be ordered, unless the customer wants to use his/her own PC.

What are the major functions offered by the software?

AnaEyes is able to:

  • Calculate the C/D ratio (Cup to Disc Ratio)
  • Build the Mosaic feature
  • Analyze the quality of Meibomian glands
  • Play with different filters to diagnose pathologies
  • Perform keratoscopy
  • Perform pupillography
  • Generate HD videos and pictures
  • Provide BUT – break-up time
  • Perform tear film analysis

What are the requirements for the PC?

  • PC Desktop: Processor Intel® Pentium Dual Cone 2.00 GHz | 2 GB RAM | Firewire 1394A board OHCI 1.1 compatible | Video board 512 MB (not shared) resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Software: Windows® XP Home SPK3 | Windows XP Professional SPK3 | Windows Vista 32 bit Home premium | Windows 7 Home and Pro 32 bit and 64 bit