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Expert Myopia Care w Myopia Expert 700 Device & Essibox Myopia Care Digital Solution

In response to the global myopia prevalence challenge, our new Expert Myopia Care solution empowers eyecare professionals (ECPs) to scale their expertise and better detect, monitor and manage myopia. This comprehensive turnkey solution includes our Myopia Expert™ 700 instrument and its dedicated protocol  to help ECPs provide superior service to their patients, setting them apart as a reference myopia care center.


With Expert Myopia Care, you benefit from a scalable protocol for proactive myopia management, from early detection to long-term monitoring. Using objective and subjective refraction data, you will cover every step of the patient journey, enabling you to easily detect myopia or pre-myopia and select the best-adaptive myopia control solution for each patient.


With Expert Myopia Care, patient data collected from different instruments are automatically transferred to Essibox Myopia Care. For each patient, you will be able to visualize myopia data from multiple sources on a single dashboard. This is an intuitive solution that enables you to create a standardized myopia patient flow, which is accessible to professionals with all levels of experience.


Involve your patients and their families in myopia management with our Myopia Passport. As part of Expert Myopia Care, you will offer patients personalized records containing their myopia data, individual recommendations, and their schedule for follow-up appointments. This is a great way to build engagement, trust and customer loyalty, while also ensuring long-term quality care for your patients.

Myopia Expert 700 Optical Biometer

Fast and accurate solution for measuring axial length and corneal topography

Myopia Expert 700 is a corneal analyzer with an integrated pupillographer and optical biometer. Its main applications are as follows:

  • Corneal topography for diagnostic purposes
  • Measurement of the axial length of the eye
  • Fluorescence imaging for contact lens fittings
  • Pupil measurements
  • Storage and overviews of historic ocular data properties for easy observations of changes over time.

Essibox Myopia Care

Scalable and professional protocol to your practice

  • Effective and proactive myopia management for early detection and long-term monitoring
  • Collecting and transcribing data from multiple instruments to facilitate communication with patients
  • Intuitive and easy-to-adopt interview protocol
  • Intuitively interpreting results from screening and refraction exams
  • Monitoring patients with a simple dashboard
  • Personalized Myopia Passport

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Myopia Expert 700 (code: BMT00004)


A Practice-Building Opportunity

With myopia on the increase, your practice is likely to see more and more myopic patients seeking long-term solutions.

Generate new business by engaging the whole family with Myopia Expert™ 700 and Essibox® Myopia Care. Together, they form Expert Myopia Care, an advanced myopia management solution that covers everything from interview, eye exam and screening to refraction, prescription and dispensing. This solution will help you grow your practice.

  • Increase capture rate – Attract customers by positioning your practice as an expert center in myopia management.
  • Expand in-store traffic – Regular monitoring increases the potential for repeat business.
  • Improve product mix – Generate revenue from premium frames, lenses, and solutions.
  • Build loyalty – Inspire confidence in patients and parents thanks to easy-to-understand charts and analyses that show results clearly and point to next steps.

Set Yourself Apart as a Reference Myopia Care Center

Driven by the growing prevalence of myopia and innovative control solutions, families are increasingly seeking effective professional myopia care.

Become a reference myopia care center to create trust and better serve patients and their families.

Set yourself apart with a best-in-class, comprehensive myopia care solution including instruments, protocols, and a digital application.


Essilor Instruments brings a scalable and professional protocol to your practice for effective and proactive myopia management from early detection to long-term monitoring.

For each child, identify the most important myopia risk factors including family history, environmental influences and behavior, through a comprehensive interview based on the International Myopia Institute guidelines.

Automatically detect myopia onset combining objective and subjective refraction data, enabling you to recommend the relevant myopia control solution.

Monitor myopia evolution with axial length to easily assess and adjust the myopia control solution with Myopia Expert 700 displaying these data against international eye-growth data.

Don’t stop at being an expert – be a reference.


Immediately connect your instruments through an interface that is simple to operate at all levels of experience.

Intuitively interpret results with a simple dashboard combining all relevant myopia data (comprehensive interview, objective and subjective refraction, axial length and topography) from different instruments.

Create a standardized myopia patient flow that can be operated through delegation.

Myopia care made easy for you. All the expertise at your fingertips.


Explain clinical results in a meaningful way thanks to an educational and patient-friendly interface.

Engage your patients in the long term with personalized recommendations for their myopia management.

This could include lifestyle recommendations, a selection of the most relevant myopia control solutions,  and planning of follow-up exams.

Create strong engagement from parents and children, involving them in myopia control by delivering a personal Myopia Passport that combines all myopia data, recommendations, and educational content.

Thanks to the trust you build, generate repeat business opportunities by letting your patients spread the word, recommending your expertise and your practice.

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Myopia Expert 700

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Essibox Myopia Care