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Exam Room

2000-CH Advanced Exam Chair

  • Smart cradle tilt chair
  • Effortless tilt recline system
  • Easy 1 handed release for patient positioning
  • Improved headrest design
  • Robust footrest and flexible armrest
  • External pedal to monitor the up & down movement

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Essilor 2000 CH Chair
Essilor 2000 CH Chair

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What is the lifting capacity of the chair?

It can lift up to 550 lbs.

Can we have a handicap option?

Yes for 2000-CH

How can we choose left- or right-handed options?

2000-CH is available with both versions – no extra cost.

What is the distance required from the chart screen to the autophoropter?

We recommend a minimum of 10-11 ft. Otherwise, a mirror is needed (MIRROR10).