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Stereo Optical Launches Newly-Designed StereoOptical.com

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Website with New Look and Feel from the Leader in Vision Screening

Dallas, TX, Essilor Instruments today announced the launch of a newly-designed website for its Stereo Optical business unit (www.StereoOptical.com). Stereo Optical offers vision screening tools and equipment that are considered the gold standard. This website summarizes all major product offerings, including the OPTEC® PLUS digital vision screener and Functional Vision Analyzer for use in ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials, pediatrics, schools, manufacturing, public health, drivers licensing, and the military. This website also suggests Stereo Optical products for the clinical uses in children’s vision, color deficiency, sports vision, and adults 40 plus vision.

“We are excited to introduce this new Stereo Optical website. This website will aid us greatly in communicating with our customers and partners, and be a comprehensive resource to help us raise awareness to the necessity of vision screening for visual impairment detection,” said Samy Lauriette, Senior Vice President, Essilor Instruments Americas.

About Stereo Optical

For over 65 years, Stereo Optical has been an expert in the manufacturing, selling, and global distribution for vision screening products across many markets and professions, with trusted use and validation. Stereo Optical has defined and revolutionized the visual assessment testing process. Its stereo tests and Optec vision testing products are known as the gold standard in vision screening.