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Introducing Essilor Instruments Finance and True Lease Rental Program

Essilor Instruments USA Introduces True Lease Rental Program

Facilitating eye care professionals in adding in-office finishing equipment

Essilor Instruments USA has announced the creation of the Essilor Instruments Finance Group and the premier True Lease Rental program. The True Lease Rental program allows eye care professionals to lease and finance state-of-the-art edging systems with $0 down and without making a long-term commitment. In addition, during the lifetime of a 24- or 36-month lease, practices will only incur a flat-rate maintenance cost per visit. The Delta and the Neksia edging systems are included in the initial phase of the program. The Delta series offers the space-saving benefit and simplicity in the all-in-one station. With the mid-range Neksia, Essilor Instruments combines years of experience in high performance and precision-edging into one of the most user-friendly and robust systems in the world.

“With the True Lease Rental program, eye care professionals can now get a leading edging system installed in the practice to generate revenue for them without having to make an initial lump-sum investment. The application process through the Essilor Instruments Finance Group is very easy and efficient. We expect this equipment-financing program to positively impact their business and ultimately result in faster growth,” said Jean-Christophe Paris, Senior Vice President, Essilor Instruments Americas.

For more details, eye care professionals are encouraged to contact the Essilor Instruments sales representatives.

About Essilor Instruments USA

Essilor Instruments is a worldwide leader in the development of modern solutions and technologies for eye care professionals, providing an extensive range of equipment in categories such as finishing, refraction, diagnostics, vision screening, and dispensing measurement devices. For more information, see www.essilorinstrumentsusa.com.