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Lens Finishing Systems – Wayne Wilmsen

Lens Finishing Systems

Sonoma Eyeworks is coming up on its 18th anniversary. In those 18 years, Mr. Blue is our second all-in-one edging system. Mr. Blue is far superior to its predecessor. I have been working in optical labs for 28 years and Mr. Blue is by far the best edger I have ever operated. The machine needs little to no maintenance. The function of a database with thousands of shapes, as well as being able to create an operator’s own database is a huge help. The digital camera in the tracer/blocker is a huge help as well, as it is no longer necessary to mark lenses manually on a lensometer. Everything went seamlessly from the sales associate to the technician that installed the machine. Technical Support as well as Customer Service is there to answer any and all questions in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend a Mr. Blue edging system to another practice.

Wayne WilmsenLab ManagerSonoma EyeworksSanta Rosa, CA