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Lens Finishing Systems: Amber Mellick

Lens Finishing Systems

Pro-E-600We have 2 PRO-E 600 edgers in our lab. We had the first one installed 6 months ago. We love it so much that we purchased a second one and had it installed about 2 weeks ago. The team at Essilor Instruments is on point, from sales to install technicians and tech support.

When we installed the first one, one of my tech’s accidentally reset the factory settings. The Essilor tech who installed it for us was gone on another install. However, he took the time to spend a good deal of time on the phone with us to make sure that we got everything fixed and the edger up and running. We have not had a single problem with the 600 since then. It runs like a dream. It’s fast, cuts smoothly, and is extremely user-friendly. It took very little training to get my techs comfortable operating it.

The second install went smoothly as well. We had another issue that was our fault. Although the technician was driving to the airport, along with his wife and dog, he immediately turned his car around, came back and fixed the problem. It’s been running like a champ since then. The service is exceptional to say the least.

I’ve been in the optical lab industry for almost 20 years, and have never had such an amazing experience. I highly recommend this edger to anyone who is looking for a solid tabletop edger. It can run anything and doesn’t seem to have any limitations. I have industrial edgers in my lab as well, and the 600 can stand toe to toe with them. Well done Essilor!

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Lens Finishing Systems – David Lane

Lens Finishing Systems

Neksia D (3W)

The Neksia in our practice has an automated touch screen and more features than our previous edger. So far, it has been very reliable. We had an issue with software on the edger that was resolved quickly with a phone call to tech support. All of the features are easily accessed through the touch screen. The tracer blocker screen is very easy to use to view progressive markings, which speeds up the blocking process. The finished-lens product is reliably accurate and produces a really good shape, size and level.

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Lens Finishing Systems – Patty Donovan

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

We have always had Essilor equipment. When we were ready to buy a new machine three years ago, I thought I would stay with the same company because I always liked working with Essilor and the Kappa K that we had was a great workhorse. I did look at other machines but thought Mr. Orange would be a good fit. It was very easy to learn for both experienced opticians and those who had never edged before. We are now using it to make Chemistrie clips in-house. I use the Essibox also and the Mr. Blue tracer is great.


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Lens Finishing Systems – Dolores Fraire

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr. Orange Edging SystemMr Blue-3W

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Auto Orange (Mr. Orange edger with Mr. Blue tracer). They are easy to operate and our technicians mastered them fairly quickly. Our Essilor Instruments sales manager was and is very supportive to our needs, concerns, and questions. We have not had a need for technical assistance but we are comfortable with knowing they probably will be there if the need should arise.

Great job to Essilor Instruments for creating equipment that offers valuable rewards and returns. Our in-house lab has been a wonderful asset for our bottom line but more importantly, it has improved our patient satisfaction immensely! Thank you!

Special thanks also to our Essilor Instruments sales manager for helping us make the right choice!