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Lens Finishing Systems


Make your workday easier

Transferring information among a variety of systems in your practice is often fragmented and complicated. Essibox is an office network control system designed to save time and simplify the way you work by eliminating multiple data entries and connecting all of your tools.

  • Enter data once and only once
  • Seamless integration with your organization
  • Easy job management
  • Create unlimited shapes and drilling patterns
  • Peace of mind through remote maintenance

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

We have always had Essilor equipment. When we were ready to buy a new machine three years ago, I thought I would stay with the same company because I always liked working with Essilor and the Kappa K that we had was a great workhorse. I did look at other machines but thought Mr. Orange would be a good fit. It was very easy to learn for both experienced opticians and those who had never edged before. We are now using it to make Chemistrie clips in-house. I use the Essibox also and the Mr. Blue tracer is great.


Patty DonovanABOC, OwnerEyelook OpticalPortsmouth, NH

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3WAfter loving our first Mr. Blue, we added the Mr. Blue 2.0 version to our practice. The stepped bevel tool is great for high-wrapped frames. Our customers know we can Rx frames that no one else can! It’s a highly-efficient and intuitive edger that knows what material I’m going to use based off of our edging patterns. It self-calibrates throughout the day so I know the lensometry is always accurate. Using the Essibox, you can even download a drill mount shape from a manufacturer without even having the frame. If we ever have a question, tech support is just a phone call away and can walk us through anything.

Mr. Blue is our most dependable employee!

Jen StevensManagerEye Pieces of VailVail, CO