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Light Therapy FAQs

Light Therapy FAQs

We have compiled the top frequently asked questions on light therapy and get our experts to answer them.

Watch the video by Terry Peterson, Director of Strategic Key Accounts, Essilor Instruments and Josh Olberding, Director of Advanced Technology, Walman Instruments.


How can a non-invasive, painless treatment work?

Let’s go back to the key cause of all these ocular diseases that we talk about: Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation. Where is this inflammation? This inflammation is in all the cells that are periorbital around your eye. We have good, solid clinical data that IPL and low-level light therapy, and particularly the two done in concert, generate an improved physiological benefit to the patient. If you are going right after the inflammation that causes these diseases, you can mitigate that problem that the patient has, for a significant period of time. One of my favorite things to do is put the mask on a doctor at a show, and after 15 minutes, they tell me, “Wow! This feels really great!”

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