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Lens Finishing Systems – Anthony Doan

Lens Finishing Systems

Mr Blue-3W

We first purchased a Mr. Blue in 2011. We were so amazed by not only the performance, but by the customer service as well, we upgraded to a Mr. Blue 2.0. Through the years, we have not had any issues other than normal wear and tear. If something did come up, our Essilor Instruments sales manager would just be a phone call away. He’s been there from the initial install until now, and still calls or texts me periodically to see how we’re doing. We definitely appreciate this level of service. Now from the technical side, the Essilor Instruments technician has always been there for us as well. He’s been accommodating with our schedules, and has been able to promptly troubleshoot any issues we’ve had. We highly recommend Mr. Blue and the service that comes with it.


Anthony DoanOffice Manager / OpticianClear Vision OptometrySan Bernardino, CA