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Lens Finishing Systems: Simaan Shini, OD

Lens Finishing Systems

I purchased the Mr Blue edging system for in office finishing and custom spectacle lens design in 2012 after seeing what it was capable of doing in person when I attended a conference in 2012 in San Francisco. What impressed me the most about the design of the edger was its capability of custom shaping and milling functions, lack of significant sound and lack of significant odor during high-index edging. As the anti-reflective coatings and lens treatments have improved over the past 10 years, one of the most difficult aspects of in-office edging was controlling the lens when blocked for edging. Since a high-velocity wheel was typically used to cut and finish a lens to size, typically the errors made in edging were slip-related. The milling function has been wonderful for eliminating this variable. Reshaping frame traces has also improved the aesthetics of the jobs leaving my office/lab. I feel that any issue that has arisen in the past 5 years mechanically has been immediately and professionally addressed. This is what in my opinion separates my experience with Essilor instruments and other large equipment manufacturers/distributers that I have used in the past.

Simaan ShiniODCollege Station, TX