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Lens Finishing Systems: Tina Afra-Ozcelik

Lens Finishing Systems

I am using Mr. Blue in all three of my offices, as a tool to help me gained a better practice or better hold of my business itself. I want to be able to produce a product that gives me exactly what I have asked for. With the milling bit, Mr. Blue allows me to have a better axis, to make sure there is no rotation. Therefore my high sale, high Rx issues are spot on.

Mr. Blue has given me a better competitive advantage.

The training I have received from Essilor sales has been great. Any time we have needed them, they have been on hand. The Essilor technicians have all exceeded my expectations of what a great business partnership is meant to be.

If I were to recommend any edger out there on the market, it will be Mr. Blue to all my colleagues. It is the most users-friendly, it is the most accurate and it is the most perfect edger on the market right now with regard to getting a job 100% spot-on.

Tina Afra-OzcelikThe Eye Gallery of HoustonHouston,TX